Every year, hundreds of babies are abandoned in hospitals throughout Israel

The volunteers at First Hug provide them with the human contact and maternal embraces that are so crucial for their development and recovery

Utilizing a wide network of hundreds of specially trained volunteers, the organization now provides indispensable support not only to infants and children, but also to civilians and soldiers who are wounded and hospitalized without the presence of family.


Donate today so we can continue hugging them for you

With your help, we can create a better future for them

All donations are tax-deductible under Section 46 A of the Income Tax Ordinance (Israel). All donations to Israel through PEF Israel Endowment Funds are US tax deductible according to 501C3

Awards and recognition

The Shield of the Ministry of Health for volunteers


Finalists in the Ernst & Young competition for social entrepreneurship


The Presidential Award for Volunteerism

for the founder of the association
Michelle Koriat – 2009

Paul Harris Fellows recognition

for the activity of the founder of the association Michelle Koriat
Rotary organization – 2017


Exemplary award for a volunteer organization

the Lions organization, Israel – 2015

Exemplary award in the social field

the Ometz movement – 2013

Our partners and sponsors

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״Early separation anxiety in newborn babies״

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