How to volunteer

Thank you for your willingness to join the team of volunteers at the First Hug Association. We value and appreciate this very much. Hugging a baby is a great privilege, and many excellent and deserving volunteers contact us in order to dedicate their time and energy to the newborn babies.

Volunteering at the association is emotionally challenging and complex and depends upon the requests and changing needs of the relevant hospitals.

The hospital admission process includes:

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ידוע לי כי על מנת ששאלון המועמדות שלי ייבדק, עליי להתחייב לקבל חיסונים לפי דרישת בתי החולים ולהתנדב ל- 15 חודשים לפחות.

It is important to stress that our need for volunteers is influenced by the needs of the hospitals.

First Hug Association (at Yarok Finance) P.O.B 716 Kefar Monash 4287500
Tel: 03-6022457
Fax: 03-5611379

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